Glooko yhteensopivat laitteet

Uploader Compatibility (PC/Mac)

The following devices may be uploaded via the Glooko Uploader for PC/Mac. For more information on the hardware needed to sync the devices, please see What devices are compatible with the Glooko® Uploader (PC/Mac)?

Abbott: Freestyle Libre (Users in Sweden & Norway only), Freestyle Libre 2 (Users in Sweden & Norway only), Freestyle Freedom Lite, Freestyle Insulinx, Freestyle Lite, Freestyle Precision Neo, Freestyle Optium Neo, Freestyle Precision Xtra/Xceed
: Active, Aviva Combo, Aviva Connect, Aviva Expert, Aviva Insight, Aviva Nano, Aviva Plus Black, Aviva Plus Silver, Compact, Compact Plus, Guide, Guide Me, Instant, Insight, Mobile U1, Nano, Performa, Performa Insight, Performa Nano, Solo
Animas: OneTouch Ping (meter), OneTouch Ping (pump), OneTouch Vibe Plus, Vibe
Ascensia (Bayer): Breeze 2, Contour, Contour Next, Contour Next EZ, Contour Next Link, Contour Next One, Contour Next USB, Contour USB, Contour XT, Contour Care, Contour Fit, Contour Next Bluetooth, Contour Plus, Contour Plus One, Contour Plus Blue, Contour Plus Elite, Contour TS, Contour Link, Contour Next Link 2.4
CareSens: N, N POP, Alphacheck Professional, N Voice, BGMS/TEE2, CareSens Dual
Dexcom: G4, G4 with Share, G5, G6, Touchscreen Receiver
Glucocard: Shine Connex, Shine Express, Shine XL
GlucoMen: Areo, Areo 2k, GM, LX2, LX Plus
GlucoRX: Nexus, Q
Insulet Omnipod: Omnipod DASH™, Omnipod® System
Intuity Medical: POGO Automatic
Medtronic: MiniMed 630G, MiniMed 640G, MiniMed 670G
Nipro: Nipro 4Sure Smart, Nipro 4Sure Smart Duo
On Call: Express, Express II
OneTouch: Ultra, UltraMini, Ultra2, Select Plus*, Select Plus Flex*, Verio*, Verio Flex*, Verio IQ, Verio Pro, Verio Reflect*, Verio Sync
Prodigy: Autocode
ReliOn: Premier Classic, Premier Blu, Premier Voice
Sanofi: BGStar
Tandem: t:flex, t:slim, t:slim G4, t:slim X2
WaveSense: Jazz
Ypsomed: mylife Pura, mylife Unio

*Not currently compatible on Mac OS 10.13 or more recent versions


Mobile App Compatibility

The following devices may be uploaded via the Glooko Mobile App. For information on OS restrictions, hardware needed, and uploading instructions, please see What devices are compatible with the Glooko® Mobile App?

Abbott: Freestyle Freedom Lite (US Only), Freestyle Insulinx, Freestyle Lite (US Only), Freestyle Precision Neo
 Aviva Plus Black (US Only), Aviva Connect, Aviva Expert (US Only), Aviva Nano (US Only), Aviva Plus Silver (US Only), Compact Plus (US Only), Go (US Only), Guide, Guide Me, Instant, Nano (US Only), Performa (US Only), Performa Connect, Performa Nano (US Only)
Ascensia (Bayer): Breeze 2 (US Only), Contour (US Only), Contour Next, Contour Next EZ (US Only), Contour Next Link, Contour Next One, Contour Next USB, Contour USB, Contour XT (US Only)
Dexcom: G4 Platinum, G4 Platinum w/ Share, G5, G6
Glucocard: 01 (US Only), Shine Express, Shine Connex, Shine XL (US Only), Vital (US Only)
GlucoMen: Areo, Areo 2k
Insulet Omnipod: Insulet Omnipod DASH™ System, Insulet Omnipod® System, Insulet Omnipod® 5 (Cloud connection only)
CareSens: N (US Only), N POP (US Only)
Trividia: TRUEbalance (US Only), TRUEread (US Only), TRUEresult (US Only), TRUEtrack (US Only), True Metrix AIR
WaveSense: Jazz Wireless
OneTouch: Ultra2 (US Only), UltraLink (US Only), UltraMini (US Only), Verio, Verio Flex, Verio Reflect, Verio IQ,  Verio Sync
On Call: Express (US Only), Express II (US Only), Express Mobile, Express Voice (US Only)
ReliOn: Confirm (US Only), Premier Blu, Premier Classic (US Only), Premier Voice (US Only), Prime (US Only)
Ypsomed: Mylife Cloud